It has been a few years since I have shipped a product. In 2009 when I started to build out a question and answer engine I feel into the “If you build it, (and post it to Hacker News) they will come” mentality. Even though I knew that marketing a product was an important part of process I felt that I could ride off the initial “launch” for quite some time. During the first few months the product was up and running learned that the idea of a launch was as much as a fallacy as my idea of how to “market” a product was. Although the software still lives on in the Open Source space I never held the product, or myself, to the standard that I wanted.

That is a mistake that I do not want to make as I venture into the realm of producing products in the future. Since you are reading this post I believe that you must be interested to some extent about me or learning how to build your own software products. As I begin the process of building out a new piece of software I am going to take you on the journey with me and hopefully you can leverage the areas where I took the right turns and learn from my mistakes. Building a successful product is not just about building great software. It also involves marketing, customer service, networking, and most importantly creating value for your customer.

Before can start thinking about any of those elements I have to first come up with an idea.

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  • Humboldtux

    does this mean you won’t develop ccordino anymore?

  • Anonymous

    Hi Humboldtux, work on Coordino is still continuing. I’m in the process of still cleaning up the codebase at the moment. What are you working on with Coordino? 

  • Humboldtux

    I’m about to learn CakePHP and reviewing some CakePHP projects.

  • Anonymous

    Feel free to email me if you need help with anything! 

  • Aracas

    Hi Datawalke, i’m thinking of using Coordino for a major website that I will be launching I wanted to check that you will be continuing to update it with further permissions / badges etc also do you know of any potential holes / issues with the current release that I may need to consider?

    Many thanks