A quick little tidbit that may help someone in their travels:

I was looking to install the PECL oauth package on my mac development machine. Since it is running XAMPP and not compiling from the source I was a little worried I would run into a few issues — and I did. While trying to install the oauth package I ran into an error:

oauth error: expected '{' at end of input
make: *** [oauth.lo] Error 1
ERROR: `make' failed

After reading a few items online it looked like there could be an issue with phpsize. Looking into XAMPP phpsize is not included by default. Taking a somewhat ill advised route I installed mac ports and attempted to port install php5-devel. As it began to compile I realized the error in my way: it was porting php5 as well!

To finally fix the issue: I hopped onto the Apache Friends XAMPP page to take another look, and before my eyes I saw the XAMPP mac “Developer Package.” After downloading and installing the .pkg I attempted to run pecl install oauth again and it was smooth sailing.

Still having issues? You may have to build the extension yourself. @sumardi wrote a great article on how to do this at:

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  • Georgios Cherouvim

    Hi Jim,
    This is not a comment, but a message for a bit of help about Coordino. I am sorry I couldn’t locate any email or contact form anywhere on your site. If there isn’t one because you don’t want to deal with support, just ignore me, otherwise please reply to my email. One way or another, no need to publish this comment.

    I am having problems installing coordino in my localhost using xxamp. I get an ‘Object not found!’ page. I have a feeling it has something to do with the .htaccess, because if I remove it I get a php error message css(‘install.css’);?>

    flash(); ?>

    Trying out on my online server, I get a page not found via my working website which is in the root. If I remove the .htaccess file, it takes me to the installation page, which I will try set up now.

    Any ideas why it’s not working locally?

    Thank you