While I am still getting my feet wet building out my next venture I am going to be rebooting Coordino over the next few months.  It seems like it like I would be doing a disservice to myself and the end users of Coordino if I do not continue to consistently work on the project. While I have neglected to keep this blog up to date for several months I hope to chronicle the development progress of Coordino here over the next few months. By the end of this week I will have an initial one month roadmap of milestones I wish to achieve.

Coordino ScreenshotAt the moment my biggest concerns are:

  • Getting Coordino stable
  • Revisting the install process to make it smoother
  • PHP 5.4 Support
  • Fixing the XSS exploits currently listed in the issues (Thank you to the contributors who have found issues!)

If you have anything that you would like to see added to Coordino feel free to leave a comment or open up an issue on GitHub!

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  • Alexander Riggs

    I hate that this post post was about 3 months ago… But I dont see anything new on cordinoo :( This is the best oen source QA software, but there is no QA projects that is actively being developed. I think you would do really really good if you picked the project back up.

  • Joe Hans Robles Martínez

    I have a coordino site: http://coordino.colldev.com/ and just realized on webalizer report, that the site has quite readers, but lacks of social interaction. I can help you port Coordino to Symfony2 using Doctrine2, Apache or NGINX, completely Ajax, Bootstrap3, etc. You can have a glimpse at: http://petramas.colldev.com/ contact me.

  • Ahmet

    I agree with Alexander. Coordino the best open source QA project. I am just looking into it and noticed that it has some encoding problems. http://demo.hataaldim.com/ here I installed Coordino for testing and the question is not readable because of `ş` and `ı` chars. Can you fix that or tell me where to look at it?

  • raman
  • GostReader

    The perfect demo of coordino is here http://forum.totaltren.com i have make it responsive for mobile platform, I will soon update to my repository

  • McDon

    please is it possible to integrate coordino into my localhost? i really want to know please