This is the first part of a four part series that covers the history of Dragon Duel. Throughout November and December a post will be made each week to cover various aspects of the game’s history. Make sure to check back in.

So the launch of Dragon Duel got pushed back again — Not a surprise given the history of Dragon Duel. However in the mean time the site has been updated to take in any users who are interested in playing the beta when it releases. If you would like to sign up check it out.

Dragon Duel is an odd topic. Did you know there have already been four different versions of the same game rehashed over and over? We seem to keep going through a constant development cycle that never ends. The sad part is that all of these games ended up working really well too. We just never pushed them for release because they worked totally different that the original Dragon Duel did. We really wanted to keep the stats and current user base the same without having to change too much. This time around we kicked that philosophy  out the door and revamped a lot of different metrics kind of combining elements from all of the other versions of Dragon Duel together. Lets take a look at the past shall well?

Dragon Duel (2005)

Started by Luke Hackett Dragon Duel started off of what is know as a “Dragon Swords” base of code. This was some base of code that a bunch of developers were working and it got leaked out onto the internet. Lots of bitching, moaning, and hacking up code later Dragon Duel gave its breath to the world and started to take in players.  Luke’s invovlement in the game is somewhat unknown to me. I really did not know him nor was I a member of the DD community at that time.

Dragon DuelThree Easy Payments (2006)

I approached Luke after seeing a post that he was selling his games due to a lack of resources. I emailed him on 5/16/06 and things started to get rolling. Price and other elements were discussed the basics came down to this (from his end):

  • Two Games: DDRPG, SOD
  • Totally unique!
  • $200!

So the deal went through, however with some snags. Luke told me from the start that all the games were unique:

Hey, DD is original but SoD was open source (I helped make the original source) but it’s so different it cannot be recognised as the way it originally was. I’m not really fussed on the price because I really need to sell… So pretty much offer a price and yeah I’d probably say yes. :)

Luke Hackett.

However a few weeks later I was informed they were just “clones”/rip-offs. Already having the code and paid into it we settled on $150.00 and I never heard from Luke again.

I moved Dragon Duel over to one of the original Bandhoster servers that I had and got everything setup. While the initial configuration wasn’t too bad the code was a pile of crap. Long blocks of code that looked similar to:

$checkban = Mysql_query("Select * from bans where id='$id'");
Mysql_query("insert into bans (id,time,mod) values ('$id','$days','$playerinfo[username]')");
echo "Player $id has been banned for $days days.";

Mysql_query(“update bans set time=’$days’ and mod=’$playerinfo[username]‘ where id = ‘$id’ “);
echo “Player $id has been rebanned for $days days.”;

Mysql_query(“insert into bans (id,time,mod) values (‘$id’,'$days’,'$playerinfo[username]‘)”);

mysql_query(“insert into usernews (id,user,text,time) values (”,’$id’,’$time You have been banned for $days days by $playerinfo[username] for unacceptable messageboard posts’,'$realtime’)”);
$bloke = $id;
// Manager Records
$plaintime = date (“l dS of F Y h:i:s A”);
$track2 = mysql_query(“INSERT INTO `trackweap` (`id`, `userid`, `adminid`, `change`, `tstamp`, `tstamp2`) VALUES (”, ‘$bloke’, ‘$playerinfo[id]‘, ‘Received a $days MB Ban from $playerinfo[username] ($playerinfo[id])’, NOW(), ‘$plaintime’);”);

//admin tracker
mysql_query(“insert into admintrack(time,admin,msg) values (‘$et’,'$playerinfo[id]‘,’$playerinfo[username] has banned $id’)”);
$trackrecord = mysql_query(“INSERT INTO jailrecord (time, admin, convict, msg) VALUES (‘$et’,'$playerinfo[id]‘, ‘$id’,’$id MBB for $time$gold‘)”);
// Add jail record
mysql_QUERY(“update jailrecord set convict=’$id’, jail_by=’$playerinfo[username]‘, jail_reason=’MBB for $gold’ where id=’$id’”);
// check unbanned
$resetthree = Mysql_query(“DELETE FROM bans where time=0″);


A lot of junk that we had to go through and try out best to fix. Little did I know that once I had this code up and running I was walking into a trap.

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  • Cookie_Monster, Jman242, Dark Passenger

    Just wondering if the signup on the site is working yet. I am truly excited to have the game back, but never received anything after I put in my email, and it holds at 20 people have signed up.

  • Brandon Runge

    I have been with DD since it was born, and personally I feel that the game is long time overdue to be reopened, it was one of my favorite games… I can’t wait for the beta opening, and hope to see more great things to come form

  • Tian Enfield

    I know your feelings Brandon. I’m in the same mind set, that’s why we decided to re-pick things back up and get back to work. I assure you, this time things are going to be better =).

  • ZeroFate

    Glad to know that DD is still progressing; I’ll just wait till it reopens. JYS!

  • Merciful27

    I started Ddrpg like a year afgter it opened and Enjoyed it !!!! I will wait Till it opens!!! Woooh Cant wait

  • nferguson1987

    is there a set date on when its going to be reopening just wondering because its my favorite game i would just love to play it again

  • Tian

    Yeah things are still moving Zero, i hope everyone who is waiting for the Beta opening has put there e-mail address into the box in the front page. That way we can let you know about updates and let you know a confirmed date for a Beta =).

  • Tom

    So I was just wondering if you had a general idea on when Dragon Duel was going to open up again? The Countdown to 0 has been up for more than a couple months now and I am still really excited about the game. Thanks in advance.

  • Jim Walker

    An update on Dragon Duel has just been posted, check the main blog for details. And thank you for your concern Tom. We are working to get it back online