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Ever notice that when you go to add an external link page in DotNetNuke that there is no option for it to open in a new window? Well I have two methods that you can go about to get this working on your DNN site. The first, not for the faint of heart, involves a little database work. The second is a quick Javascript fix.

The first method involves tricking DNN’s Tab table to thinking your URL link is something a little bit different.

  • Open up the Tabs Table in your favorite SQL Editor
  • Look for the URL field of the external link you wish to open in a new window.
  • You may see something like:
  • You want to make it:” target=”_blank

Once you save restart the application in the Host -> Host Settings page and view your link you should be good to go!

The second method is a bit easier however it does use Javascript instead of a normal link.

  • In the external Link field on your DNN Page Settings you will see something like:
  • Change it to be: javascript:void(‘’))

And save.

A little DNN hacking never hurt anyone.

But it makes you wonder why they do not have this option implemented. And why they don’t validate external URLs when you add them.